Tuesday, 19 February 2013

What NOT to share with your girlfriend

Simon and I are getting on famously. As most couples, we make small adjustments to our relationship as to better accommodate each other. In reality this means that I tell Simon about the things he needs stop doing because they annoy me.
Before you have a go at me, let me explain.

We have known each other a few short weeks and he has already started breaking wind in my company! Don't know about you, but I find that sort of unusual.
There we are, sitting on the sofa, holding hands, chatting about the war in Syria, and POP! He breaks wind, slips in a casual "sorry" and continues his sentence as if it was the most normal thing to 'share' with your girlfriend.

While I clearly should take this as a compliment and a confirmation of my fun, easy going nature, which is putting he completely at ease to the extend that he has lost control of his bowls, I have told him to be a little more discrete.

Simon has now adopted the policy - better leave the room than get send home by Laura! God knows what he is eating when I am not around. Monday night he turned up at six in the evening and by nine o'clock, we had spend about 7 minutes in the same room. At one point I actually thought he had gone home!

Besides the fact that Simon is producing enough methane to drive up global warming, we are having a great time together, except for a small 'situation' in the bedroom, which I will tell you about tomorrow. /:((

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