Tuesday, 5 February 2013

The man who liked my fried eggs

What a brilliant 24 hours it has been!

Yesterday evening, my friend Simon came to visit. We have known each other for a couple of months, and he pops around once in a while to chat and look at my Victorian postcard collection. 

He is quite clever, compared to many other men, and is able to hold what I consider a normal conversations without mentioning football, his mother or confirming the name of his penis.

However, I had a suspicion that he was using the postcard collection as an excuse to visit me, because I only have 7 postcards and two of them are duplicates. Nobody can be that interested in postcards, surely?

It turned out I was right. One minute he was shuffling postcards and the next he was standing in front of me, looking me straight in the eyes, asking it we should be more than just friends.

Slightly taken back, I suggested that we could be really good friends.
I quickly continued, "I am not sure I understand, please explain?"

He then pointed to my heart. Well, I thought he pointed to my heart, but then he smiled a cheeky smile and pointed to my crotch. Men are so uncomplicated in these situations!

Turned out he had pointed at my boobs, not my heart! Still quite sweet and flattering, as my boobs are quite small, like a pair of fried eggs. (I am generally short on offers and compliments from the opposite sex, so it does not take much to impress me!)

So I have suddenly got myself a boyfriend, who is fond of Victorian post cards, enjoys my fried eggs whatever served during the night or the next morning for breakfast ;))

How did life get this good?!

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