Thursday, 24 January 2013

My girl friends are boring.

My girl friends are boring. There I've said it! Yes, I am girl, and yes, they would properly 'kill' me if they knew. But they don't and BTW it is true.

They are really nice, we all get on well, but never seem to talk about much else than make-up, who is doing whom - locally where we live, in celebrity circles and in Eastenders, clothes, shoes. You get the picture. Typical girl stuff. Sometimes fun. But honestly, yawn!

There are so many other interesting things in the world to talk about. But when I try to point out that the Mars Curiosity Rover is making a bold attempt to discover life on Mars, their eyes go wobbly and they immediately give me that 'OMG' look. If I am lucky my attempt to stimulate intelligent conversation is met with a 'Really?'. Followed by 'Did any of you know that Donna is seeing Nick?'

Anyway, did you try to figure out this puzzle, which I made up all by myself :) :)
PUYOB 0001 - Target Shooting

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