Thursday, 24 January 2013

How to deny climate change in 5 easy steps

What is the best way for someone to deny that climate change is man-made or even happening?

Look no further, I have made up this easy 5 step guide.

Happy reading :))

Step 1: Make sure to mention that it is not your problem. For example, you can point out that you do not live in a place threatened by sea-level rises.

Step 2: Blame the rapid warming observed in the last 15 years on the last ice-age, the sun or simply suggest that it is just one of those things. Anything goes as long as you stay well clear of 'man burning fossil fuels'.

Step 3: Ignore all scientific evidence compiled in the last 15 years. Try to rubbish all the research by pointing out smaller mistakes you have heard about in the news. Don't worry about the details, ignorance is a strong argument against global warming.

Step 4: Make up your own scientific data to prove that man-made global warming is a fallacy. Don't worry about the details or that you are not a climate scientist. Quote often and with conviction from your data.

Step 5: Claim that global warming is a conspiracy, cleverly orchestrator by 2500 climate scientists, the world's Governments and anyone else you feel threatened by, in an attempt to make you pay more tax, or for some other reason you are unhappy about.

Finally, using one or more of the above points, post your global warming misgivings everywhere, as often as you get the chance. Remember the more we deny global warming the quicker it will go away.

If you need further help, this BBC web-page contains examples of people posting denials, making excellent use of my easy 5 step guide. 
Enjoy! Great global warming denial statements

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