Saturday, 23 March 2013

Two men in a pub...

Simon, my dead boyfriend, loves to make me laugh by telling jokes.

Here are a few of his best jokes (those that actually make you laugh!)

Two men in a pub.
- I am crazy about Diane even though she lives very far away. To keep in touch I have written her a letter every day for a year.
- Sounds great mate.
- Not really, she has just married the postman!

Teacher asks the class
- Why is English called your mother-tongue?
Someone from the back of the class answers.
- Because dad never gets a word in.

Father returns to house and meets his son.
- Dad. Dad! I drank a little vine together with mum and the postman today.
- Did you get dizzy?
- No not at all, but mum and the postman did.
- Really?
- Yes, they said that they had to go lay down.

(Simon got all red in the face when he told me this one, as he obviously thinks this is a really naughty joke. Bless!)

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