Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Pope Frances I - a real rebel!

First the abdication, then white smoke, we have a new Pope - Hallelujah! 

Finally, the world  makes sense again! After having camped out in front of the telly the last 48 hours, afraid of going to the loo in case I missed anything, a new Pope has finally been elected. (I guess this means that I have to go to work tomorrow?!)

I just can't help laugh because of the hysteria surrounding the whole thing. One woman, who was asked what Pope Frances Ist mend to her, almost couldn't get the words out. Crying she said: "It is wonderful, I am so full of hope for the future"

My initial reaction is why? Does she expect the Pope to drop by to personally help her with the electricity bill, the dishes or to put a good word in for her at her next job interview?

Pope: "You must hire this one, she is such a good Catholic, has never used contraception in her entire life." 

According to those who know about this Pope business, by selecting a 78 year old man from Argentina, the Cardinals have apparently send a clear signal that the Catholic church is ready to move in a new and highly exciting direction.

Pope Frances I is the first Pope to be elected from outside Europe in 1300 years, he is the first Pope to take the name Frances, and he is, are you sitting down, the first Jesuit Pope. 

Blimey, I don't know about you, but I can't take much more excitement. Sounds like the church and the Pope are completely out of control! Wonder if he is the first Pope to wear his underwear back to front too? A real rebel indeed!

Oh! I nearly forgot in all the excitement. The new Pope naturally objects to gay marriage, but he is apparently a staunch fighter for social justice and the poor, as long as they are not gay and want to get married.

At least the Pope is on Twitter, which should enable him to quickly get the message across that he and the Catholic church is staying firmly rooted in the past.

I believe this is called "Progressive Conservatism" i.e. standing still.  

Viva il Popa!

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